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From Jörn Kottmann <kottm...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: How to start the CAS Editor?
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2009 08:06:07 GMT
Kai Schlamp wrote:
> Kai Schlamp wrote:
>>> You will need to build the rest of UIMA first (with Maven).  The
>>> CAS Editor needs a current version of UIMA APIs from trunk, that's
>>> the version 2.3.0 etc.  Since we haven't released that version yet,
>>> it's not in the maven repos.  However, it will get installed in
>>> your local repo when you build it.  Please follow the instructions
>>> on the website for building UIMA from source.
>> Thanks Thilo for the information. Is there an official release plan 
>> for 2.3 (didn't find it on the UIMA site)?
>> Will the CAS Editor be an official part of it?
> Ah, I just found out ... there is a binary available for 2.2.2. I 
> wasn't aware of that either.
> I will take a look at that first.
The 2.2.2 version is packaged as RCP application, the 2.3.0 version will 
be released as an eclipse plugin,
because then it can be used within eclipse or RCP applications.
The current version also has a few new features and some important bug 


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