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From Philip Ogren <phi...@ogren.info>
Subject Re: Removing descriptor files from ClearTK
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2009 02:06:41 GMT
I agree!  I think it is quite likely that we will provide descriptor 
files since discussing this this morning.  Expanding on what Steve said, 
I think that creating XML descriptor files should not be the second 
thing you do after implementing a component.  Instead, it should be the 
*last* thing you do - i.e. they should be automatically generated from 
AnalysisEngineDescription.toXML as part of the build. 

> We had a couple of nice discussions about these issues at SETQA-NLP.
> I'm still thoroughly convinced that the canonical version of an
> AnalysisEngine descriptor is better represented in Java (or C++) code
> than in an XML descriptor - for the sake of refactoring, type
> checking, a much simpler mechanism of setting configuration
> parameters, etc. However, given that the AnalysisEngineDescription
> class has a number of toXML() methods, it should be straightforward to
> automatically generate the appropriate XML descriptor from an
> AnalysisEngineDescription object.
> A nice side effect of this approach is that our users can use the
> simple factory methods for creating AnalysisEngineDescription objects
> with whatever configuration parameters make the most sense as defaults
> for them, and generate a new XML descriptor for themselves. And
> they'll get their configuration parameters appropriately type checked
> before they ever have to actually load the XML descriptor.
> Steve

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