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From Александър Л. Димитров <alek...@gmx.de>
Subject .addToIndexes() on subtype while iterating over supertype
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2008 01:03:04 GMT

I have the following design issue with one of my AnalysisEngines. I searched the
documentation, but not exhaustively, so pardon me if I'm doing something
fundamentally wrong or there is an easy obvious solution.

I have a type T1 and its subtype T2. They would both span the same text in the
CAS, and while T1 represents a general data structure, T2 represents a more
specific one. Say, T1 represents a sentence and T2 a sentence of a certain kind.

In order to find out about all T2's in the text, I first have to find all T1's,
then declare some T1's as T2's. Currently, I first mark up all T1's in an AE,
then, in the next step and another AE, iterate over all T1's, look at their
features and decide whether or not a T1 is a T2. In my particular example, I
have to first do sentence boundary detection, then, after a few other AE's have
done additional work, decide whether a particular sentence contains a trigger.

So, I iterate over T1:

final AnnotationIndex ai = cas.getAnnotationIndex(T1.class);
for (final Iterator<T1> i = ai.iterator(); ai.hasNext(); ) {
    final T1 t1 = ai.next(); // throws ConcurrentModificationException …
    if (matchesDescription(t1)) {
	final T2 t2 = new T2(cas);
	t2.addToIndexes(); // … because we modified T1's indexes by adding a T2
	                   // to them

As you can see, this code won't work, the Iterator's domain will be changed
because the subclass shares an index 'pool' (or so) with the superclass.
This means that the AnnotationIndex of cas.getAnnotationIndex(Foo.class) will
always contain all instances of Foo.class in the CAS, *and* all instances of all
the subclasses?

Apart from just caching all T2's I want to add to the indexes in an ArrayList
and then adding them after the iteration of T1's is finished, are there any
other solutions? I wouldn't like to break up the semantic tie of inheritance
between T1 and T2.

Thanks in advance,

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