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From Christoph Büscher <christoph.buesc...@neofonie.de>
Subject Re: Programmatically pausing and resuming CPE
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 09:22:37 GMT
Hi Jaroslaw,

thanks a lot, that was exactly the information I was looking for.
  still have one more question Is there something similar to 
"collectionProcessComplete()" for a CollectionReader? I would like to store the 
information about the last document read to disk when a user stops the CPE 
before the whole processing of a directory is complete. I tried overwriting 
"BaseCollectionReader.close()" in my CollectionReader, this doesn't seem to get 
called then the CPE is stopped. I start my CPE by reading a CPE-Descriptor, then 
simply start it like this:

cpe = UIMAFramework.produceCollectionProcessingEngine(cpeDesc);

Shouldn't the framework call the readers "close()"-method when stopping the CPE? 
Or am I missing something here.

Thanks again,


Jaroslaw Cwiklik schrieb:
> Christoph, the CPE creates multiple threads when it starts up.
> One thread is dedicated to a CollectionReader which produces
> CASes. Another thread contains the Analytics, and finally there is a 
> thread with Cas Consumers.
> All of these threads run asynchronously. In their run() method each 
> thread checks the state of the CPE and blocks
> if the state=pause. There are no explicit notifications done on the CR 
> or AEs or CCs for pause/resume. Each thread
> blocks until an application calls resume().
> When a stop is called, the CPE calls collectionProcessComplete() on each
> CasProcessor and AE, in this AE method you can flush the current state 
> to disk.
> JC
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Christoph Büscher

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