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From "Dennis Geller" <dgel...@aptima.com>
Subject Re: Bewildered
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 20:51:23 GMT
Thanks. Very helpful.&nbsp; However, having cleared that (and lots more that derived from
it) up, I think I'm good for now (with one more question, below)<br>
First, in case it helps anyone else, after following your suggestions I found&nbsp; that
art of my problem/confusion was that I had managed to not have
parallel directory hierarchies under descriptors and src -- that made
attempting to replicate the tutorial example unlikely to succeed. When I straightened that
out I was unable to run until I added the directory that contains the TypeSystem.xml file
to the class path.&nbsp; I don't believe the example needed that, but I sure did.<br>
I just almost had a successful run. However, it coughed because a file had a "non-XML character,
0x0." This also happened when i was running the unmodified tutorial example. I know the solution
is "don't analyze any files with bad characters" -- but that seems much less robust than the
quality of the rest of the system has been. (I think the file in question here was a Word
file.) Of course, it might be a limitation of SAX, but could be nasty in a production environment
(which we're a loong way away from) or even a proof-of-concept that gets given to customers.
o, maybe I'm missing something obvious?<br>
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