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From "Roberto Franchini" <ro.franch...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: POJOing uima, is it possible?
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2008 16:09:04 GMT
On Jan 24, 2008 4:02 PM, Jaroslaw Cwiklik <cwiklik@us.ibm.com> wrote:
> Not sure if I fully grasp what you are trying to do.
>  <bean name="normalizer" class="it.celi.uima.engine.RegExpNormalizer">
>  <property name="aProperty" value="value"/>
>  <property name="anotherProperty" value="anotherValue"/>
>        </bean>
>  <bean name="uima" class="it.celi.uima.engine.CpmUIMAEngine">
>  [cut]
>  <property name="analisysDescriptors">
>  <description>The pipeline of analysis: analysis engines, aggregates
>  and pears descriptors allowed</description>
>  <list>
>  <ref bean="normalizer"/>
>  </list>
>  </property>
>  In the above you are specifying spring beans which are wrappers (I presume)
> around uima components. The uima spring bean
>  under the covers crates an instance of the cpm ( I presume). What I dont
> see is how you are initializing the cpm engine. I only
>  see the AE being plugged in (the normalizer).

This snippet is what I would, not what i have :(

The previous xml snippet is what I have now: CPM or aggregate analysis
wrapper that parses UIMA XML descriptors and the add
Processors/consumers to a CPM or AAE.

Now i want to simplyfy the configuration and configuring ALL
components in the spring xml format.
The better way would be instatntiating annotars as beans and add theme
to a cpm/cpe.
MAybe I should implements a cpm that allows this way of deployment.
I watched at uima source, but i didn't find a way to do this (and i
don'y know if it is possible!)

>  Incidentally, we are working on a replacement for the cpm that uses Spring
> extensively. The new approach is based on asynchronous
>  architecture using JMS ( ActiveMQ specifically) for transport.
This is very interesting. I read about it on the wiki and maybe on the ml.

Roberto Franchini
CELI s.r.l.  (http://www.celi.it) - C.so Moncalieri 21 - 10131 Torino - ITALY
Tel +39-011-6600814 - Fax +39-011-6600687
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