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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: Problems in getting a tutorial to work
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2008 03:10:47 GMT
Hi Chandra -

I'm hoping you are reading and understanding the error message.  You 
would get better help if you asked more specific questions, based on 
your understanding and trying to cope with the error message. 

For instance, you might ask,
      "After I set the class path to UIMA_HOME/lib/examples.jar,
       I thought that would fix it, because I think that this Java class
      (ProductNumberAnnotator) which I created while working
      through the examples in the paper, would be in
      examples.jar.  Is it?"

To which I would reply, no, it isn't.  Which of course would explain why 
you got the error message.  If this is, indeed, what happened, I'm 
curious as to why you thought it would be in examples.jar. 

To fix this, you need to track down where this class is, and either add 
it to the examples.jar, or change the class path to point to where the 
class is.

Just to be clear, the class you're looking for , the 
ProductNumberAnnotator class, is not a part of Apache UIMA - it's some 
file you would have created (I'm guessing) in working through the paper 
up to section 8.

Let's say you found it in 

Then, you have to put the path c:\myproject\classes into the Java Class 
Path.  If you're starting the Document Annotator using 
documentAnalyzer.bat, you can in your command window set the environment 
variable CLASSPATH to include (in this example) c:\myproject\classes  
The documentAnalyzer.bat invokes the setUimaClassPath.bat, which will 
put the paths that are defined in the environment variable CLASSPATH 
into the classpath for Java.  You can see how this is done by reading 
the setUimaClassPath.bat file.

If you packaged all your classes for your project into a Jar, you can 
put the Jar into the class path, too.  Please refer to any Java book or 
Java knowledgeable student, professor or teacher at your university for 
how to do this.

I'm not sure any of this is what your problem is, but that's the best I 
can guess with the information so far.


chandra sekhar wrote:
> Respected Sir ,
> I am Implementing a paper on UIMA, which I am attaching here with . 
> Sir , I executed upto section 8 , When I run the 
> "ProductNumberAEDescriptor.xml." , using Document Analyzer , I am 
> getting an error like this
> " com.backstopmedia.uima.tutorial.ProductNumberAnnotator" was not 
> found. java.lang.class found exception.
> I set class path to UIMA_HOME/lib/uima_examples.jar .
> please give me a solution  to this.

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