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From Marshall Schor <...@schor.com>
Subject Re: PEAR installer and required external resources
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2007 03:30:26 GMT
greg@holmberg.name wrote:
> Here's an apparent catch-22 about installing PEAR files that I don't quite
> understand.
> How is installation supposed to work when there's a configuration parameter
> or external resource in the component descriptor that is both required and
> doesn't have a default value?
> For example, I have one external resource that is the name of a certain file
> you want the annotator to use (it's some static reference data).  This is
> required--the annotator can't operate without it.  And there can be no
> reasonable default--we can't guess the name of the file the customer will
> want to use when we create the component descriptor.

What is suggested here is to include a dummy version of the static 
reference data as a resource.  Then set the parameter to reference that 
resource.   Of course, after "install", the user will need to configure 
this to their actual data file.
> So the user installing the PEAR file really must set it to something before
> running the annotator.
> So I bound a path that works on my development machine.  However, on the 
> customer's' machine this fails when installer attempts verify the component
> by loading the annotator classes and calling initialize():
>     com.ibm.uima.resource.ResourceInitializationException:
>     Could not access the resource data at
>     file:/C:/blah/blah

You want to bind a path that is a resource in the PEAR, and then use the 
$macro capabilities to have that path adjusted at install time to take 
into account where it was installed.
> I tried just leaving the resource unbound, but first the component editor
> complains ('There is no resources satisfying the required resource dependency
> with key "blah.blah.blah"'), and then during installation I get the same
> ResourceInitializationException.
> I also tried binding it to a URL that doesn't exist, but the component
> editor complains about that too ('Could not access the resource data
> at blah'), and then the installer throws ResourceInitializationException
> again.
> A similar thing happens with configuration parameters that are required
> and not defaulted, it just happens later in the installation process,
> when you try to run the AE in the CVD, and the call to process() fails when
> our software throws an exception about the missing value.

Right - to get this to pass validation, you have to have some defaults.
> At least with configuration parameters there's a opportunity in the install
> process between pushing "Install" and "Run your AE in the CAS Visual
> Debugger" to edit the descriptor file.  But there's no such opportunity
> with the required external resources, since verification happens immediately
> after the files are extracted from the PEAR file.
> What is the intended path of sucess here?  It doesn't seem possible.
> It seems to me that the installation process needs a step between extraction
> and verification in which the user can configure the AE by editing the
> descriptor (either in a text or XML editor, or in the Eclipse Component
> Descriptor editor).

This is a good suggestion for an enhancement. 
Absent this enhancement, will the approach outlined abouve work in your 


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