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From Drenski <milen_dren...@yahoo.com>
Subject Collection processing
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2010 15:10:23 GMT
I am new to UIMA and i have been struggling for some time 
with the following problem. 
I have some documents, which i need to process simultaneously. 
So I implemented a collection reader, which reads all the files 
from a directory and annotates them as Documents. But how can 
i put these all files in an Array for example so that I can 
iterate them and make my further processing. Basically I 
just want to fetch the files from the directory and put 
them in an array so that i can process them. 
Is CAS consumer what I need? I saw in the doc that
it is now deprecated. Or should I use some index like Lucene?
But I guess this will be too complex for my simple task? 
I would appreciate any suggestions. 

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