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From Benjamin Sznajder <benj...@il.ibm.com>
Subject Installer in UIMA Apache
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2007 12:04:23 GMT

I used until now the IBM UIMA (from watson's site) and I am passing now to
the Apache version.
I permit myself to suggest the following:
In IBM version, the user was able to download the installer that made for
him all the work. Why there is not such utility in Apache's version, namely
an installer that would set the desired property values?

In addition, I think that there is no clear information about how to
install the UIMA Sdk. In fact, there is no real intuitive place where the
user can find this information. It is only said "by the way" in the

And a last question: why is the README file (in the zip) with no suffix ?
Why .txt is not suitable?

Best regards and congratulations to all for this work!!!


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