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From Andrew Reusch via Apache TVM Discuss <>
Subject [Apache TVM Discuss] [Development/pre-RFC] [docs][discuss] Convert ReStructuredText docs to Markdown?
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2021 16:34:49 GMT

@tqchen thanks for the context. I agree that it may not be worth it if you still have to learn
restructuredtext to write a single document. with that said, I do think that MyST-Parser seems
to be an improvement over recommonmark.

There is also some [more context](
on why MyST-Parser was created. It does seem that they intend to support more of the functionality
of restructuredtext and there is more support for extensions.

I agree that it's not optimal to write non-tutorials in markdown and tutorials in rst. sphinx-gallery
[appears]( to be adding support
for MyST-Parser, so perhaps when that lands, it could be a good time to reconsider this.

That said, I do think the bar here should be: would the community find it easier to write
docs if we support markdown? We have a lot more docs that we need to write.

> The markdown parser was OK for certain components but still do not allow us to obtain
the best control of the structure component. MySt likely will have a similar problems we faced

@tqchen could you elaborate on this point, even if just for historical record? would be great
to understand which features myst-parser would need to support to overcome past problems.

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