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From Liangfu Chen <>
Subject [dmlc/tvm] [RFC] MISRA-C 2012 Compliant C Runtime (#3159)
Date Thu, 09 May 2019 07:13:41 GMT
For a long time, the development of TVM has been focused on optimizing deep learning inference
for almost any processing systems, and it has been used widely in many applications fields.
However, when users of TVM were trying to use theirs pretrained & quanitzed model in critical
systems (e.g. aircraft control and autonomous driving), the running source code is expected
to be extremely reliable and compact. This RFC intends to bring and discuss the possibility
to port an essential part of the runtime code base to MISRA-C compliant form, so that the
pretrained & quantized model can be potentially used in safety critical systems.

### Features Proposed to be MISRA-C Compliant
* `load_json` and `load_params` related functions
* `ndarray` class
* `graph_runtime` class
* Interface with Zephyr RTOS (e.g. memory allocation, storage device, network related)

### Proposed Changes
* MISRA-C compliant code should be available at `src/crt` directory
* Test cases should be created to check consistency between c++ implement and MISRA-C compliant

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