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From Nick Hynes <>
Subject Re: [dmlc/tvm] [RFC][SGX] Use Fortanix EDP instead of rust-sgx-sdk (#2887)
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2019 07:46:45 GMT
For others' reference, the [rust-sgx-sdk `Mutex` uses a spinlock provided by the sgx libc](

> depending on untrusted Mutex

Right, but all the untrusted OS can do is not provide threads. That only compromises availability,
and the untrusted system is always able to harm availability--correctness is not affected.

>  LibOS-like Rust-SGX environment without any ability to control/audit the usercalls 

This is a fair point. Allowing a supposedly secure enclave to trivially access untrusted functions
like `fs`, `net`, and `time` is not a good model for users who don't understand the security
implications of doing so. The approach of r-s-s which makes these modules private is certainly
the more secure approach. For experienced users and library authors, however, usercalls offer
greater usability.

>  pwasm-std

FWIW, without wasi, `fs` doesn't compile under `wasm32-unknown-*`. (sys|user)calls aside,
pwasm-std unnecessarily limits itself by not including the standard library. Their focus is
not security, but rather, ensuring that consensus succeeds. Of course, disallowing structures
like `HashMap` is an oversight since their serialization is, in fact, canonical. Similarly
with their disallowing floats: it's totally possible to do flops if one "simply" canonicalizes
the Wasm NaN representation (or all of the miners use a single architecture). Of course, pwasm
is unrelated to the matter at hand :)

As another point in favor of the fortanix edp, there's substantially lower overhead from ecalls/ocalls
since it transparently implements switchless.

Overall, if the TVM runtime using more than just `std::thread` and those threads _weren't_
embarrassingly parallel, I'd be more concerned about security. The main boons of switching
are maintainability and usability.

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