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From Yu Ding <>
Subject Re: [dmlc/tvm] [RFC][SGX] Use Fortanix EDP instead of rust-sgx-sdk (#2887)
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2019 23:42:14 GMT
No offense.

The difference between rust-sgx-sdk and Fortanix EDP roots from basic assumptions of security.
Fortanix EDP is not designed for security, so it has assumptions of trusting the OS. For example,
the atomicity of EDP's SGX `RwLock` is **untrusted**. Technically, Fortanix EDP maintains
an event queue in **untrusted** space and `RwLock`'s atomicity roots from it -- resulting
in untrusted atomicity. For other input/output, they are all interacting with untrusted input/output

Are you sure you want it? Every dependency crate would potentially depends on untrusted I/O
and weaken your trustworthyness.

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