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From Theodore Omtzigt <>
Subject Re: [dmlc/tvm] [RFC] Register Relay VM design (#2915)
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2019 18:30:24 GMT
In the long tradition of competitive engineering, let's develop both VMs concurrently. That
way we will generate actual engineering metrics of the difference between a stack-based and
a register-based VM. The engineering dependencies are too complex to productively discuss
without actually going through the implementation. The arguments that @jroesch presented,
i.e. the stack VM simplifies the instruction management, and the fact that you would need
to unroll to discover how operators interact was considered acceptable given the fact that
most concurrency is expected to be in the operators themselves. 

What the stack vs register organization does to the complexity of resulting compiler analysis
code in the context of tensor compositions I think is an open question that can only be answered
by doing both implementations. The beauty of that approach is that it will generate a level
set of these questions and will offer many an opportunity to publish the results and go on
to lucrative commercial engagements as one of the few people in the world that actually has
the engineering know-how about the technical details.

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