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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [incubator-tvm] roastduck opened a new issue #5245: lower_warp_memory not working
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2020 09:01:32 GMT
roastduck opened a new issue #5245: lower_warp_memory not working
   `src/tir/transforms/` transforms memory accesses in "warp" scope to
"local" scope, and generates warp shuffle primitives. I found it indeed transformed the scope
to "local", but it failed to generate the shuffle primitives for me.
   To reproduce:
   import tvm
   import topi
   import numpy as np
   from topi.util import get_const_tuple
   dtype = "float32"
   target = "cuda"
   n = m = 32
   a = tvm.te.placeholder((m,), name="a", dtype=dtype)
   b = tvm.te.compute((n,), lambda i: a[(i + 1) % m])
       s = tvm.te.create_schedule(b.op)
       th_x = tvm.te.thread_axis("threadIdx.x")
       blk_x = tvm.te.thread_axis("blockIdx.x")
       i, = b.op.axis
       blk, th = s[b].split(i, nparts=1)
       s[b].bind(blk, blk_x)
       s[b].bind(th, th_x)
       a_cache = s.cache_read(a, "warp", b)
       a_axis, = a_cache.op.axis
       s[a_cache].bind(a_axis, th_x)
       s[a_cache].compute_at(s[b], blk)
   print(tvm.lower(s, [a, b], target, simple_mode=True))
   compute =, [a, b], target, name="run")
   The output was:
   produce compute {
     // attr [iter_var(blockIdx.x, , blockIdx.x)] thread_extent = 1
     // attr [a.warp] storage_scope = "warp"
     allocate a.warp[float32 * 32]
     produce a.warp {
       // attr [iter_var(threadIdx.x, , threadIdx.x)] thread_extent = 32
       a.warp[threadIdx.x] = a[threadIdx.x]
     // attr [iter_var(threadIdx.x, , threadIdx.x)] thread_extent = 32
     compute[threadIdx.x] = a.warp[floormod((threadIdx.x + 1), 32)]
   extern "C" __global__ void run_kernel0(void* __restrict__ a, void* __restrict__ compute)
      float a_warp[1];
     a_warp[(0)] = (( float*)a)[(((int)threadIdx.x))];
     (( float*)compute)[(((int)threadIdx.x))] = a_warp[(((((int)threadIdx.x) + 1) & 31))];
   You will find that the shuffle primitive is missing. Instead, it directly stores the  unshuffled
   There is a unit test for this pass in `tests/python/unittest/`,
in which it only asserts the "local" scope, but it does not check the overall correctness.
So the test is too weak to discover the problem.
   I also traced the lowering pass using GDB. I found the `CallNode::make` to create that
primitive in Line 248 is actually invoked. But the primitive is lost somewhere.

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