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From Joni Lee <webcok...@yahoo.com>
Subject Java & Python in distributed nodes
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 21:31:39 GMT
Hi all,

I'm very fascinated with the distributed components of SCA, whereby different components running
on different machines. For the first try, i want to call python component from a Java component.
Both on different nodes and start them on local machine.
For this I extend the project samples/calculator-distributed by adding a python component
to a node B as follows

    // Add a Python component in src/main/resources/nodeB/Calculator.composite

    <component name="HelloServiceComponent">
        <tuscany:implementation.script script="calculator/HelloServiceImpl.py"/>
        <service name="HelloService">
        <interface.java interface="calculator.HelloService" />

the script HelloServiceImpl.py is put in the same directory of the composite of node B (src/main/resources/nodeB)
the Java interface is put in src/main/java/calculator/HelloService.java

But I cannot start the node

21-Jun-2012 17:16:42 org.apache.tuscany.sca.implementation.node.builder.impl.NodeCompositeBuilderImpl
WARNING: Service not found for component service: Component = HelloServiceComponent Service
= HelloService
21-Jun-2012 17:16:42 org.apache.tuscany.sca.assembly.xml.CompositeDocumentProcessor
SEVERE: HTTP Server Error : java.lang.ClassCastException: org.apache.tuscany.sca.assembly.impl.ComponentImpl
cannot be cast to org.apache.tuscany.sca.runtime.RuntimeComponent
21-Jun-2012 17:16:42 org.apache.tuscany.sca.assembly.xml.CompositeDocumentProcessor

Any suggestions? Do I miss something important?

Thank you very much
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