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From Scott Kurz <sku...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Wrong result type in web service operation
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 15:56:26 GMT

Good question.

I had a similar thought after sending the first email just now which is why
I had the idea to send the second.

In your SCDL you do this:

    <sca:reference name="bapiCostcenterGetList"

This will actually cause Tuscany to generate a WSDL at the impl level (by
"level", I'm referring to an internal, implementation detail), even though
one is specified at the binding level (where the endpoint address will come
from).    (Of course, the WSDLs should be compatible.)

Try replacing the interface configuration with this:

    <sca:reference name="bapiCostcenterGetList"

That's just the QName of your portType pieced apart into the SCDL syntax.

Apologies for all the back and forth here... while I remembered
TUSCANY-3824 enough to know we have some issues here, I do not remember
every problematic detail here.   In case it turns out there is yet another
quirk to sort through after this change, I'll apologize in advance...  but
hopefully we can figure out something which will work soon.


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