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From Antonio De Berardis <antonio.de-berar...@aps-prevoyance.fr>
Subject Default WS port - Tuscany 2 runtime
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2011 10:57:00 GMT

I have a question about web service binding, for example:

<component name="HelloworldComponent">
<implementation.java class="sample.HelloworldImpl"/>
<service name="Helloworld">

When I deploy this component in a webapp on Tomcat, It publishes a 
service at http://localhost:8085/HelloworldComponent/Helloworld. The 
"localhost:8085" seems to be a default value.

I actually have lots of Tuscany based webapps with many components in 
them, therefore all publishing their webservices at 

One way to change that is to set the uri attribute in binding.ws. , 
which means that if I want to relocate my webservices in the future I 
will have to change the URI in each and every one of my webapps.

Is there a way to set a default "Host:Port"? I'm using the tuscany.war 
deployed on Tomcat, is there may be a way to do this in the Tomcat's 
conf or in Tuscany.war?
Or if not, what do you think is better to do? Let binding.ws with no URI 
or define it in each WS? Am I missing something? Are you planning to 
change this behavior?

Best Regards.


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