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From Monosij Dutta-Roy <monosij.for...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: regards my earlier questions on webapp with multiple composites / components
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 20:12:38 GMT
Thanks Simon and Ant. Got it to work. I will try servlets next! And
referencing the other components. So pls don't go away :-)

Regards message: Simon's message sounds better. My 2c would be to phrase it

ACCESSED: Reference interface org.rd.qm.impl.QueryServiceImpl:
IMPLEMENTED: service interface org.rd.qm.QueryService.

In which ACCESSED / IMPLEMENTED / NOT COMPATIBLE are static keywords on
error conditions (and maybe there are better words).
If there was a way to put in >> where accessed (query.jsp) and where
implemented (qmAppSCA01.composite) would be even better.
This could allow developing on the error conditions defined for this
framework - and also multilingualism of the error conditions.
And again in my brief exposure to Tuscany and also webservices and such, I
would suggest consistency in Annotation declarations:
Eg. if you need @Remotable then you should also need @Local. I don't know if
that is a good example but while go through Simon's book I had made some
notes on some aspects like that.

And a suggestion for Simon's book Tuscany SCA IA - when there are several
ways to do things such as By Reference OR By Wire >> it would be great to
see the options in 1 page with pros  / cons for each or where each is viable
or not.

Btw I am thinkiing Wiring is a more flexible option?
After I am a little more into it I would be happy to work on some
documentation / example development with integration (Spring / EJB et.al.).

Btw I checked out the 2.0-Beta-2 branch and there are examples on
contribution and distribution directories. And additionally a samples
directory. Which would be the best directory for the samples? I am looking
at the ones from the distribution directory and the samples directory
(pointed to by Ant Elder) for now.

Thanks again for all your help. And hope my statements are not too


On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 3:20 PM, Simon Nash <nash@apache.org> wrote:

> ant elder wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 6:02 PM, Simon Nash <nash@apache.org> wrote:
>>> Monosij Dutta-Roy wrote:
>>>> hi Simon -
>>>> Thanks for your clarifications. I will try to build upon it.
>>>> Also I had tried the @Service(QueryService.class) you mentioned and
>>>> tried
>>>> it again but I still get the same exception.
>>>> I did a clean before deploy as well.
>>>> I am attaching the composite and the interface and the class - just in
>>>> case I missed anything - but its pretty much same as HelloWorld example
>>>> webapp with the QuerySevice interface and classes and query.jsp
>>>> I even tried variation the target from the jsp.
>>>>       <!--reference name="service"
>>>> target="QueryServiceComponent/QueryService"/-->
>>>>       <reference name="service" target="QueryServiceComponent"/>
>>>> And am attaching the POM as well.
>>>> Thanks Simon.
>>>>  The problem is in the query.jsp file.  You need to change the line
>>> <sca:reference name="service" type="org.rd.qm.impl.QueryServiceImpl" />
>>> to
>>> <sca:reference name="service" type="org.rd.qm.QueryService" />
>> I wonder if Tuscany should have given a better error message for that,
>> the SCA JEE spec doesn't say much about the value of the type
>> attribute but i'm not sure a using non-interface class makes much
>> sense so Tuscany could have said that.
>>   ...ant
>>  +1.  The current message is:
> Business interface org.rd.qm.impl.QueryServiceImpl is not compatible with
> org.rd.qm.QueryService
> It would be clearer to say something like:
> Reference interface org.rd.qm.impl.QueryServiceImpl is not compatible with
> service interface org.rd.qm.QueryService
>  Simon

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