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From "Millies, Sebastian" <Sebastian.Mill...@ids-scheer.com>
Subject Profiling SCA applications
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2011 07:53:12 GMT
Hello there,


does anyone have experience in profiling SCA applications?


I have tried profiling my application using YourKit, a commercial

profiler that integrates nicely with Eclipse. My first attempt has failed,

however, in that I get profiling data only for the Tuscany classes, but

not for my application components.


The way I run my application, I start several Java processes (in profiling

mode) using the node API, somewhat like this:


SCANodeFactory factory = SCANodeFactory.newInstance();

SCANode node = factory.createSCANode( compositeURI, scaContribs );



Services expose Tuscany RMI bindings. I use hand-coded RMI clients 

to exercise the services, either from a web frontend or from test classes.

This code would not be running under the profiler:


MyService service = (MyService) Naming.lookup( “myServiceRmiName” );



Do you think this approach is basically alright?  Should I rather talk about setting

filetering/sampling options with the YourKit people, or is there something about

the Tuscany runtime that makes profiling SCA applications inherently difficult?


n  Sebastian

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