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From santiago.ara...@telvent.com
Subject Problem with "implementation.osgi" reference
Date Tue, 09 Jun 2009 16:15:56 GMT

I want to use an osgi service as a SCA component. But I can not access to 
their methods from other Component.  I mean I have created a wired 
instance to the Osgi Service ($Proxy25). It is not "null" but I can not 
invoke to one method because an error is happening 

--->Unable to create SCA binding invoker for local target 
SensorNetworkManagementComponent reference prueba (bindingURI=null 

This is my composite file. I want to have to two components. The first had 
a reference to the second and it is normal "implementation.java". The 
second is the SCA component that is representing to the Osgi Service that 
I want to recover. This Osgi Service was registered in the Osgi registry 
by Activator class in "RegistroService" bundle.

 <sca:component name="SensorNetworkManagementComponent">
    <sca:service name="SensorNetworkManagementService">      
     <sca:binding.ws uri="
  <sca:reference name="prueba" target="PruebaComponent"/>

  <sca:component name="Prueba">
        <sca:implementation.osgi xmlns="
            <sca:properties service="prueba.PruebaImpl">                

***The Java code--> The first component.

public class SensorNetworkManagementServiceImpl  implements 
SensorNetworkManagementService { 
private Prueba prueba;
public Prueba getPrueba() {
return prueba;
public void setPrueba(Prueba prueba) {
this.prueba = prueba;

**Java code       --> The second component. It is another bundle that is 
registering one simple Osgi Service. The interface was

public interface Prueba { 
public abstract String sayHello();


This instance (prueba) is not null when an outside client invoke to the 
first component. But if I invoke to one method of this interface, for 
example "prueba.sayHello" I obtained the previous error.

I have read something about anottations like @AllowsPassByReference 
or @Scope, but I donĀ“t know if they are neccesary .

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