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From "Maloney, Robert A" <bmalo...@bottomline.com>
Subject Re: Sample for confidentiality on binding.ws
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 15:47:46 GMT
OK, in tracing into the TuscanyAxisConfigurator class, the error:

- Module validation failed: The system is attempting to engage a module
that is not available: rampart

is thrown from the loadFromClassPath():

                    try {
                    } catch ( Exception e ) {
                        if (isRampartRequired) {

then it successfully loads the Rampart module in the catch, based on
files contained in tuscany-sca-all-1.5.jar (the .mar etc.).  However,
SSL can't be enabled, as I purposefully put an incorrect keyStore
filename in the definitions.xml for both the client and server.  My web
service still works without any errors.

Are the default files (like axis2.xml) in tuscany-sca-all-1.5.jar,
sufficient?  In looking at the axis2.xml in there, the one Rampart
reference is commented out.



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