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From Simon Nash <n...@apache.org>
Subject Re: warnings using callbacks
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2009 16:54:03 GMT
Simon Laws wrote:
> Hi Martin
> WARNUNG: Reference not found for component reference: Component =
> UpdateServiceImplComp Reference = UpdateRegistry
> Means that there is a reference in a composite whose name doesn't
> match a reference in the component implementation. This is missleading
> here though I think because it's complaining about the automatically
> created callback reference that takes the name of the service for
> which it is the callback reference. Please raise a JIRA for this.
This works OK in other examples, so I have a suspicion that the
problem is associated with using the domain manager to start the node.
My guess is that the domain manager is adding an extra reference
to the runtime composite that it sends to the node.  The domain manager
should not do this, but should leave it to the node to create the
extra reference representing the callback.  We can look into this
as part of the JIRA investigation.

> WARNUNG: Multiple bindings with the same name for a service: Binding =
> UpdateRegistry Service =UpdateRegistry Binding = {2}
> Means there are multiple bindings with no name on the service
> "UpdateRegistry". Again this is a little strange. I don't know why it
> would be adding another binding in this case. The error message is
> also very strange. Can you add this to the JIRA also and we'll take a
> look at it.
The service has a forward <binding.ws/> and a callback <binding.ws/>.
These have no "name=" attribute, so they both default to the name of
the service.  SCA doesn't permit two bindings with the same name, and
this is why you get the warning.  The {2} in the message is a bug in
the 1.3.1 message template, and has been fixed in the latest code.

Tuscany is doing the right thing by producing the warning.  The solution
is to change the service callback binding to something like
<binding.ws name="UpdateRegistryCallback"/>.

   Simon N.

> Regards
> Simon

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