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From "Kevin Williams" <kevin...@qwest.net>
Subject Re: DataObject/DataGraph Serialization & DataGraphRoot
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 17:36:45 GMT
Hi Scott,
It seems the Types are not available to the deserializer on the client.  
I think one of the options for SDO is to include the Types as part of 
the serialized graph.  I will check into this and get back to you soon.

Scott Kurinskas wrote:

>Hi Luciano,
>I implemented the following and it continues to complain about the "Class
>'DataGraphRoot' not found.
>DataObject cust = readCust.executeQuery();
>DataObject inst = cust.getDataObject("customers[1]");
>logger.info("LOADER::------::  custName = " +
>return inst;
>The customer name attribute is printing out in my server's log files and to
>the best of my ability the server is serializing the DataObject and
>delivering it to the client.
>The problem seems to be on my client when its trying to deserialize it back
>to a DataObject (at least this is what I'm thinking the problem is).  I'll
>check with my engineering team to see if they can see if our code is causing
>any issues, but since DataObject implementes Serializable, I do not see I'd
>be having issues.  I've run similar tests with sreializable pojos without
>Thanks for the help!

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