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From "Kevin Williams" <kevin...@qwest.net>
Subject Re: DAS & JNDI requirements
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 20:48:51 GMT
Currently, you can either pass the DAS a connection instance or a JNDI 
name.  The CompanyWeb sample demonstrates the use of a DataSource on 
Tomcat and the config.xml is used to provide the JNDI name.  All of  our 
unit tests pass a connection.

Luciano Resende wrote:

> Hi Scott
>    You could use DAS on Tomcat (see companyWeb sample app) and in a 
> plain old Java App (you could base on the jUnit tests we have, and 
> could configure DAS manually or using a config.xml file), i have both 
> working in my dev environment, but currently I'm using derby as my 
> data repository.
>    What i don't have, and was trying to get it up and running is a 
> MySQL environment and access it trough a JNDI that is the environment 
> you mentioned... I think i can have that working soon...  In the 
> meantime, I have found a good link that might give you some hints if 
> this might be a configuration problem or not : 
> http://tomcat.apache.org/tomcat-4.1-doc/jndi-datasource-examples-howto.html
> - Luciano
> On 8/23/06, *Scott Kurinskas* <scott.kurinskas@gemstone.com 
> <mailto:scott.kurinskas@gemstone.com>> wrote:
>     Perhaps I have a much more basic question.  What runtime
>     environments does
>     the Data Access Service support?  I thought I read somewhere that
>     Axis and
>     Tomcat were supported, but what about a plain 'ol Java
>     application?  For the
>     use-case I'm trying to prove out, the DAS would be used within a pojo
>     executing within a java process (5.0 jdk).  To keep life simple,
>     I'd first
>     like to get a basic use-case working, using the DAS within a java
>     app.
>     What I cannot figure out is how to register the JNDI directory
>     with the
>     DAS/SDO/Tuscany runtime.  For testing, I'm quite content to use a
>     file-based
>     directory and then migrate to something else.  The problem I run
>     into is
>     that in DASImpl, it fails in the initializeConnection() operation
>     as the
>     call to InitialContext(env) fails.
>     Thanks,
>     Scott
> -- 
> -----------------------------------------------------
> Luciano Resende
> SOA Opensource - Apache Tuscany
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