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From Akhil Anil <akhil.ka...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Enhancing Widget Support for jQuery TUSCANY-4077
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2013 13:25:07 GMT

public interface *ComponentJavaScriptGenerator *{
     ** Return the QName that identify the Component script generator*
*     * This is used to identify different generators supporting different
JavaScript frameworks*
     * @return The QName
    QName getQName();

There is already this field QName in ComponentJavaScriptGenerator that is
defined in DojoJavaScriptComponentGeneratorImpl as

*private static final QName NAME = new QName("
As mentioned in the comments (marked in red), its for supporting different
JS frameworks. Can we bring this out into the *.composite files and present
it as a configuration option to the user. But I'm confused as of how to do
it rt now. I'm gonna look all over the samples to find if such examples are
there for technologies other than js. Any suggestions on where to look?

BTW, is there any specific format for the proposal? Is there an example

On 17 July 2013 11:14, Luciano Resende <luckbr1975@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 10:41 PM, Akhil Anil <akhil.karun@gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> That's great advice.Thanks! I'm reading through the store.js and also saw
>> the dojo.js alongwith it. I'll do as u said. BTW, where do a tuscany user
>> configure the application to use dojo or jquery.  I dont see it configured
>> anywhere in the store example. Where can we add such a configuration. Just
>> quote me project file names, search keywords or links for any of my trivial
>> queries. I'll dig out the rest.
> Right now, as we only support dojo, there is no configuration, it just
> expects that the right dependencies are available in the classpath. Having
> said that, when we start supporting two, we might want to look for
> something more intelligent.
> --
> Luciano Resende
> http://people.apache.org/~lresende
> http://twitter.com/lresende1975
> http://lresende.blogspot.com/


Thanks and regards....

May God Bless us!



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