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During this days ,we have solved this question with the example of SCA!Now we can write our files of composition . The example can run at web application by the service that we always called interface!But we face a new  question of SOA ,we can read and write of the SOA with the xml.I think the SOA likes the java-bean.But we can't use the SOA to connect  the oracle.We don't know how to user the SOA and the SCA.We used the SCA to connect the oracle by the java.class not the SOA.We want to use the SCA and SOA to solve this question. My English is not very well,I wish you to  understand what I want to say!!Thanks again for you letter.
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From: "Nirmal Fernando";
Date: 2012年4月4日(星期三) 中午1:55
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Subject: Re: tuscany and sca

2012/3/16 locklockzhang <>
i just learned sca and decided to create a project.
but with the tuscany and myeclipse, errors comes out ...
i just followed this link:
however , when comes here, somthing is wrong that i cannot find this SCA Composite Diagram when i create new ~
this really troubles me ...
i would be appreciate if you could help me ~

Please use Tuscany's own version of Composite Diagram Generator. You can find the maven plugin at [1].

wish your reply~

/**"To create an SCA diagram:

  1. Right-click the project and select New > Other....
  2. In the New wizard, select SCA Composite Diagram in the SCA Tools folder (Other folder if there is no SOA Tools folder) and click Next.
  3. Choose a folder and type a unique name for the diagram in the File name field and click Finish. "**/


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