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From Greg Dritschler <greg.dritsch...@gmail.com>
Subject Target service scope with implementation.composite
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 13:56:24 GMT
I have the following test case:

Composite A:
  - is deployable
  - has a component reference with a reference target pointing to some
top-level component outside of A
  - does not promote the component reference

Composite B:
 - is deployable
 - reuses composite A as the implementation of a component

B fails because, when A is used within the context of B, the reference
target is not found within A.
I think it is correct that this is an error, but given some of the
discussion lately about implementation.composite, I'd like a second opinion.

Assembly says
1880 For a composite used as a component implementation, wires can only link
sources and targets that are
1881 contained in the same composite

The error happens to be discovered at the time the reference is invoked
(from within the context of B).
  "Unable to bind [] - No endpoints found in the domain that match the

It seems like it could be detected at build time.


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