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From Florian Moga <moga....@gmail.com>
Subject Upgrades to the comet binding
Date Thu, 26 May 2011 09:55:23 GMT

Lately I've been working to improve the comet binding as you've probably
noticed. I've done multiple improvements in the forward to callback call
communication, support for non-blocking calls, multiple responses, non-void
return types, client disconnect detection and upgrade to Atmosphere 0.7.1
runtime and jQuery client which improves reliability.

Best way to see the improvements is probably to run the samples (i've added
3 new samples) which you can find at [1]. They all demonstrate various
features and ways to use the binding (which I tried to do as flexible as
possible). While running the samples, feel free to try more than one client
at a time. Preferably use different browsers for that as browsers are
limited to keep a maximum of 2 connections per domain so if you'll try
different tabs of the same browser you'll get funny behavior.

I will soon document the samples in order to give them a "tutorial" flavor
and write website documentation but in the mean time your feedback would be
greatly appreciated.




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