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From Simon Nash <n...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Travel sample binary distribution
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2010 18:51:17 GMT
Simon Laws wrote:
>> I think the best solution is to include "binaries" in the main mvn build.
>> This guarantees that the build output in "binaries" will always work when
>> using either the default profile or mvn -Pselfcontained.  The space and
>> time overhead of doing this isn't very much (about 10% for space when
>> using the default profile, and less than that for time).
>> This doesn't affect the ant build because this doesn't produce a binary
>> package or use the "binaries" directory.
>>  Simon
> Hi Simon
> When you say "include "binaries" in the main mvn build." do you mean
> the main mvn build of the distribution? I.e. you're shipping the
> source and binaries in one distribution?
> Simon
Sorry that I wasn't clear.  The distribution would be source only.
When someone downloads this distribution and builds it using maven, they
would get binaries within the source directories (under /target for each
source directory), and they would also get a complete set of binaries
(with no source) in the travelsample/binaries/target directory.

If someone builds the downloaded distribution using ant, they would just
get binaries within the source directories (under /target for each
source directory).  The ant build wouldn't produce any output in the
travelsample/binaries/target directory.

For both the maven and ant builds, the build wouldn't include the
"distribution" directory.  Anyone who needs to build the distribution
would need to run a maven build from the "distribution" directory,
just as they do with Tuscany SCA Java.


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