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From Mike Edwards <mike.edwards.inglen...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: OASIS compliance test status
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2009 18:39:54 GMT
ant elder wrote:
> This is the status of the Assmebly tests for me this morning, down to
> 12 fails, I've added comments next to them based Simons earlier post
> and on what people have recently said on this thread:
> testDummy(client.ASM_5023_TestCase)  Simon looking
> testDummy(client.ASM_6016_TestCase)  Policy, should be able to get working now?
> testDummy(client.ASM_6033_TestCase)  Policy, should be able to get working now?
> testDummy(client.ASM_8001_TestCase)  OASIS issue TUSCANY-3334
> testDummy(client.ASM_8010_TestCase)  OASIS issue TUSCANY-3336
> testDummy(client.ASM_8011_TestCase)  Fails for me but works for Simon?
> testDummy(client.ASM_12003_TestCase) OASIS issue TUSCANY-3339 & TUSCANY-3338
> testDummy(client.ASM_12004_TestCase) OASIS issue TUSCANY-3340
> testDummy(client.ASM_12007_TestCase) Ram looking
> testDummy(client.ASM_12008_TestCase) OASIS issue TUSCANY-3360
> testDummy(client.ASM_12011_TestCase) Fails for me but passes for Ram?
> testDummy(client.ASM_12012_TestCase) Fails for me but passes for Ram?
> For 8011, 12011, 12012 are there other local fixes people have that i need?
>    ...ant

All the ASM_120xx testcases are passing now.

There are fixes from the OASIS SVN to fetch - and there are a couple of changes in the 
tuscany-oasis-sca-tests-errors.properties to ensure get merged.

Yours,  Mike.

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