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From Giorgio Zoppi <giorgio.zo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Making the 2.x build more modular
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 07:52:24 GMT
2009/10/1 ant elder <ant.elder@gmail.com>:
> This has come up in a few places recently and having just spent a bit
> of time building in 1.x for the 1.5.1 release i think we really do
> need to do something to prevent the 2.x build becoming as big an
> unwieldy as the 1.x one, so how about discussing various options for
> things to try?
> One recent thing was the "More selective building option" thread and
> having maven profiles for building subsets of modules. That seems like
> a quite non-invasive way to start trying as profiles can be added and
> tested without impacting anyone, but in the long term it would get
> quite complicated and require lots of profiles replicated around many
> pom.xml's so it may not be a long term solution.
> Restructuring the directory locations is another - so separate folders
> for core modules/samples/itests and other foders for each extension-
> that makes it quite simpler to see whats going on and easy to build
> smaller pieces, but its harder as it needs more upfront consensus.
> Another consideration is how things get distributed and released - one
> big distribution or several, releases of all parts in step or
> independent? From past discussions that cold be quite hard to get
> agreement on so i wonder if build/distribution/releases could be kept
> as separate discussions?
> Comments?
No comments about solutions. My main concern is that build all the
time, it takes too
long. Yesteday night i was coding and i took 40 minutes building the
stuff from  and
2 hours coding. The same it doens't happen for the C++ native, however
(I'm porting it
to Axis2c 1.5/1.6) here build needs to be fixed. In this case i'm
looking for a solution at long time that it'll generate platform
specific Makefile (http://www.bakefile (new BSD License), could be an
option, but requires python).
Just 1c,

Quiero ser el rayo de sol que cada día te despierta
para hacerte respirar y vivir en me.
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