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From Greg Dritschler <greg.dritsch...@gmail.com>
Subject JMS ordered delivery
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 17:49:26 GMT
I have found a problem with ordered message delivery using binding.jms in
Tuscany 1.x.  The JMS spec says

"Each time a client creates a MessageProducer, it defines a new sequence of
messages that have no ordering relationship with the messages it has
previously sent."

RRBJMSBindingInvoker creates a new MessageProducer for each outbound
request.  This means the client can't be assured of ordered delivery, even
if all other JMS requirements are met (i.e. same destination, same
reliability level, etc.).

I think binding.jms needs to be able to serially reuse the same
MessageProducer for a given reference.  Obviously this implies reusing the
underlying connection and session as well.

I think it should be possible to maintain order across different
operations.  If I invoke operation A and then operation B on a JMS
reference, I expect the message for operation A to be queued before the
message for operation B.  Of course this assumes that operations A and B are
sent using the same reliability level and under the same transaction.

So I think a given reference might need to have several active
MessageProducers, because different operations might have different
reliability levels or different transactional behavior.  So for example a
sequence of outbound requests to operations that all require reliable,
transactional delivery would use one MessageProducer, while another sequence
of outbound requests to operations that all require reliable but
non-transactional delivery would use another MessageProducer, and so on.

It seems like a binding.jms reference would need to reuse a MessageProducer
according to the following criteria:
 * thread of control
 * transaction on thread
 * reliability level in JMS header
 * destination (could vary on callback refs)

In a server environment, the reference binding provider needs a hook point
to be notified when the component dispatch completes.  The server may be
pooling JMS connections and sessions.  The resources cannot be held beyond
the transactional scope of the
component.  This is tricky to solve.  Basically the reference needs to
insert itself into the component service dispatch chains.  Further it needs
to be at the operation invocation chain level, because there may be a
NonBlockingInterceptor on that chain, and any cleanup needs to be on the
service-side thread.  Perhaps this can be done using a RuntimeWireProcessor
that adds an interceptor if there are binding.jms references, and the
interceptor would call to the reference binding provider to close all the
open JMS resources for that reference on the current thread.  (I imagine
this would be generalized to be useable by any binding, not just JMS.)


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