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From Simon Nash <n...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [1.5.1] Domain manager and binding.sca
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 10:06:17 GMT
Simon Laws wrote:
>> Interestingly the Assembly spec (both OASIS and OSOA) says for binding.sca:
>> 2452 If a reference specifies an URI via its uri attribute, then this
>> provides the default wire to a service
>> 2453 provided by another domain level component. The value of the URI
>> has to be as follows:
>> 2454 • <domain-component-name>/<service-name>
>> so using an absolute URI seems not allowed. Would it not be possible
>> to have the runtime know about the base URI for the nodes and
>> automagically add in the http://host:port part?
>>   ...ant
> I thought that was what it was doing in 1.x. Although it is cheating a
> bit and using the composite file format to transfer that configuration
> from the domain manager to the nodes that are going to run the
> composite.
> Simon
As Ant has pointed out, the format used by the domain manager to
send the host/port information for binding.sca to the nodes does not
conform to the SCA rules for the uri attribute of binding.sca.

To be strictly correct, we should define a Tuscany-specific extension
attribute for binding.sca that we can use for this purpose, instead
of putting the host/port information in the standard uri attribute.

I think it would be best to make this change for 2.0 and leave 1.x
as it is.


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