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From "ant elder" <ant.el...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Tuscany integration with Geronimo: What's common to SCA and what's sepcific to Geronimo?, was: Re: GSoC Project - Tuscany SCA support in the Geronimo admin Console
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 10:43:20 GMT
On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 12:57 AM, Raymond Feng <enjoyjava@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I would like to extend the discussion a bit to help us better understand
> what user experience we would like to bring to Geronimo developers/users
> with Tuscany/SCA.
> I suggest that we use a usage scenario-driven approach to create a list of
> tasks/features and mark them either it's common to SCA independent of the
> hosting environment or it's specific to Geronimo.
> Here is a few roles a Geronimo instance can play in the SCA domain:
> 1) Geronimo is a member of a SCA domain to deploy/run SCA applications
> * Connect to the SCA domain admin app to get the image of a resolved
> composite application
> * Be able to deploy the resolved composite application in the VM of
> Geronimo, either as JEE application or standalone [Specific to Geronimo]
> * Run the resolved composite application
> * Provide the binding/implementation/policy extensions to realize SCA
> binding/implementation/policy types.[[Specific to Geronimo]
>   * Hook with the other containers in Geronimo to provide various bindings,
> such as HTTP connectors with Tomcat
>   * Hook with the QoSs such Transaction and Security provided by Geronimo
> to implement the SCA policies
> * Create/manage related resources for some bindings, such as JMS connection
> factories and queues [Specific to Geronimo]
> 2) Geronimo hosts the SCA domain admin application
> * Manage the configuration (Contributions/Composites/Nodes) for a SCA
> domain [Common to SCA]
> * Resolve the wirings at SCA domain level for the top-level composites
> [Common to SCA]
> * Deploy the resolved composite image to a in-process or remote host [A
> Geronimo or JSR88 Deployer may be specific to Geronimo]
> 3) Geronimo hosts (some) contributions for a SCA domain
> * Expose them as URLs to the SCA domain admin application. In this case, It
> functions as a repo for SCA contributions. [Specific to Geronimo]
> I think we should only try to implement a feature in a geronimo-specific
> way only if it's specific to Geronimo.
> Thanks,
> Raymond
Now that the 1.0 version of the SCA JEE spec [1] is out that defines several
concrete use cases and scenarios we can use to define the tasks and features
we need. For example, how about one goal be running in Geronimo the
application.ear shown at line 1131 page 41 "Appendix A – use cases" of the
SCA JEE spec.



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