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From "kelvin goodson" <kel...@thegoodsons.org.uk>
Subject Re: Graduation next steps
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 17:08:54 GMT
My top 3 in
 11,12,13,19,22,32/33,38 and 18 but modified to have a policy of being
vocal early when no-one has the bandwidth to address an incoming JIRA.  I
know that's not 3,  but hey!

I can't see on the wiki page the suggestion to post a weekly JIRA delta
digest that I think I saw somewhere in the discussion and rather liked,  but
that might not be too hard to do.  It might contain lists of Recently
Created, Recently Resolved,  unresolved with top votes, etc.  I already get
an automatic digest mailed to me by the JIRA system for unresolved SDO
Jiras,  so if the queries can be built,  then I guess the report would only
a matter of concatenating a few tables from those incoming subscription


On 06/02/2008, ant elder <ant.elder@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jan 31, 2008 1:41 PM, ant elder <ant.elder@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'd like to get some discussion going on what we want to do for
> graduating
> > to an Apache TLP.
> >
> > The attempt back in November raised issues about diversity and since
> then
> > it feels like we've just been waiting around hoping diversity would
> improve.
> > We were unlikely then and we are almost there, would it help to have a
> > target to aim for so we can be a bit more proactive? How about trying
> again
> > at the April or May board meeting which would give us a two or three
> full
> > months from now? Having a few months would give us some time to work on
> > turning some of the contributors we already have into committers and to
> get
> > other committers added to the PPMC, but a few months is also near enough
> to
> > keep us focused. If we're seen to be working on this it may also
> encourage
> > some of the contributors we have to be more active and so easier to make
> > committers.
> >
> > There's a lot i think the project could do to encourage others to
> > participate, here's a few things I can think of -
> >
> > We have a lot of downloads and real users, we need to try to get more of
> > these people engaged and contributing, things that may help are:
> >
> > - better documentation, whats there is a bit sparse and our website has
> > started to fall behind and there's quite a few extensions with no or out
> > dated documentation
> > - more publicity about what each new Tuscany release can do, we have
> lots
> > of new stuff in 1.1 but the only place we say that is in the release
> > notes. The Tuscany blog is a little neglected these days
> > - post to user list as each bit of new function is completed to try to
> > engage users and to show them their comments can make a real difference
> to
> > what gets in the next release
> > - more timely action on JIRAs, we're getting quite a back log, if we're
> > quick to look at JIRAs it might encourage users to help debug and
> provide
> > patches
> >
> > Once a user does start contributing I think there are things we could do
> > better on the the dev list to make it easier and to encourage
> participation:
> >
> > - just generally improve the ML traffic which is at an all time low, if
> we
> > the active developers don't discuss much then new contributors likely
> wont
> > either
> > - one reason ML traffic could be down is that discussion is going on
> > off-list instead, is there? Is it really necessary? Lets make a real
> effort
> > to keep all discussion on the dev list.
> > - more timely replies in discussions. if someone replies to a thread
> often
> > it ends up with people waiting for a follow-up reply, if that follow-up
> > takes ages to come the discussion can stall and people loose interest
> and
> > move on to something else.
> > - we may need to provide more active help to contributors when they make
> > suggestions, not just ask if they'd implement it but at least provide
> lots
> > of detail about how they could do it or even step up and help code even
> if
> > we may not think its the most useful thing
> >
> > What do others think, would any of those things help? Any other
> > suggestions that could help improve our diversity? Does aiming for the
> April
> > board meet sound ok or too soon or too far?
> >
> >    ...ant
> >
> >
> I've gone through everything suggested so far in this thread and added all
> the points to a wiki page -
> http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/TUSCANYWIKI/Graduation+Next+Steps
> .
> I've probably missed some and there are some duplicate points, feel free
> to
> edit the page.
> So what to do with this? Some of the points are a bit vague, some we may
> not
> all agree with, some are easy for one person to action if we agree, others
> need more of a group effort.
> Documentation
> How about trying to prioritize this by people posting their top three, see
> if there's much overlap with whats posted and trying to resolve those
> first?

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