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From "Scott Kurz" <scottk...@gmail.com>
Subject Bypassing unnecessary transforms by Tuscany databinding framework
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 17:00:06 GMT
The binding-feed code suggests a way to deal with JIRAs 1678,1680.
That is, the mediator is called directly from within the binding
rather than relying on the DBInterceptor being set up on the wire at
Composite start time with a static DB transform established at that

A key piece of the puzzle would be the ability to query what's "on the
other side of the binding".    For example, I might have a binding
impl with a co-located (same-JVM) optimized path in which I don't want
to do a transform if the service impl uses the same DB as the client.
    But I'll need to query some metadata in order to know what the DB
of the service impl is (as well as maybe other info like what
classloader is uses and if it's the same or a parent of mine or not)

I guess that takes us to the info stored along with the domain/node ..
but I'm not too familiar with that code.

I'm going to try to find some time to play around with this .


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