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From Jean-Sebastien Delfino <jsdelf...@apache.org>
Subject Modularizing the contribution service, was: Using contributions in the tutorial
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2008 09:17:14 GMT
Simon Laws wrote:
> To determine which contributions are required to support a composite a few
> things are required.
> - which contribution holds the composite
> - which contributions the resulting contribution depends on
>  and so on.
> To do this based on the information from the read and resolved contributions
> the contributions have to be read and resolved in reverse order given the
> current contribution processor API.

Yes, this is a problem in the current contribution processing code. I'd 
like to improve it to decouple:
- knowing the presence of a contribution in the domain
- listing the artifacts in it
- reading the artifacts
- resolving dependencies on other artifacts
- validating a contribution knowing its dependencies
- building a resolved in-memory model for its artifacts

> At the moment the domain interface doesn't directly relate the request to
> start a composite with the contribution in which to find that composite (its
> worked out as the contributions have been processed by that stage). We could
> make it so. Is that what you were thinking?
> If so are you also including changes to the domain service in your mental
> model so that contributions can be read in some arbitrary order and then
> resolved once they have all been read?

Yes, the decoupling described above.

>>> From there I can walk the tree and present the contributions that are
>>> required by a deployed composite to the node in the correct order. Not
>> well
>>> tested yet though.
>> there will be no need to figure out the order (as it may not be possible
>> to figure the order anyway) if the resolution is deferred to after the
>> contributions are installed.
> What does installed mean here? Do you mean what we have talked about above,
> i.e. the selection of a composite to run on a node and the identification of
> all of the contributions that are required to support it?

Sorry I should have been clearer: I meant "added to the domain", as 
opposed to "loaded into a node".

An administrator needs a contribution validation tool to validate 
contributions or the whole domain after adding/removing/changing a set 
of contributions. The tool should also run automatically on the 
contribution graph required to run a composite, before loading the graph 
into a node and starting the composite.

> Also when you say " no need to figure out the order" is this because you
> have contribution service changes in mind so that read and resolve for a
> single contribution are not tightly coupled.



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