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From Simon Nash <n...@hursley.ibm.com>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Commit r608213 breaks exceptions-cross-binding itest]
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2008 11:57:31 GMT
I did some further investigation as to why this fails from a top-level
build but works when running the exceptions-cross-binding itest
standalone.  If the databindings itest is run (in the same JVM) before
the exceptions-cross-binding itest, then exceptions-cross-binding
fails, otherwise it works.

Drilling down one level further, if any one (or more) of the
following submodules of itest/databindings:
are run before itest/exceptions-cross-binding, then
exceptions-cross-binding fails, otherwise it works.

It appears that something is happening as a side-effect of the
earlier tests that is causing the later test to fail.

Reversing the order (i.e., running exceptions-cross-binding first)
doesn't result in any failures from the databindings itest.


Simon Laws wrote:

> On Jan 2, 2008 10:41 PM, Simon Nash <nash@hursley.ibm.com> wrote:
>>I ran the test again (standalone, not from the itest directory)
>>and it works OK now.  I can't understand what changed since the
>>earlier failure.  See below for the error message and stack trace
>>that I got earlier.  Any insights into this?
>>  Simon
>>-------- Original Message --------
>>Subject: Commit r608213 breaks exceptions-cross-binding itest
>>Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 22:16:44 +0000
>>From: Simon Nash <nash@hursley.ibm.com>
>>Organization: IBM
>>To: tuscany-dev@ws.apache.org
>>It looks like my commit r608213 has broken the exceptions-cross-binding
>>itest.  My apologies for this.  I am looking into this now.  My first
>>impression is that I need to refine the code for matching exception types
>>to data bindings in DefaultDataBindingExtensionPoint.introspectType() so
>>that the new java:exception data binding is not selected for exceptions
>>generated by JAXB.  I will send another update as soon as I have more
>>  Simon
>>- - - - - - - - errors from first run are below - - - - - - - -
>> (cut)
> I see the same problem on a clean build. I'm afraid that I don't have any
> particular insight but stopping it at the point where the problem occurs
> shows that for the source operation "stockQuoteOffer" the 3 source fault
> types are given as
> java.rmi.RemoteException
> org.apache.tuscany.sca.test.exceptions.sdohandgen.InvalidSymbolSDOException
> org.apache.tuscany.sca.test.exceptions.sdohandgen.MarketClosedSDOException
> The target operation is "stockQuoteOffer" and the 3 fault types here are
> org.apache.tuscany.sca.test.exceptions.impl.jaxb.InvalidSymbolFault_Exception
> org.apache.tuscany.sca.test.exceptions.impl.jaxb.MarketClosedFault
> org.apache.tuscany.sca.test.exceptions.impl.jaxb.TestNotDeclaredAtSourceFault
> It's trying to throw InvalidSymbolFault_Exception and reports that it can't
> find a match between source and target faults. There is some matching logic
> that would require further investigation. Any of this make sense?
> Simon

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