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From Mike Edwards <mike.edwards.inglen...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: R1.1 - Sample/demo ant builds
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2008 10:53:13 GMT

Some comments....

Yours,  Mike.

ant elder wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2008 8:58 AM, Simon Laws <simonslaws@googlemail.com> wrote:
>> For http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TUSCANY-1608 I've put in a
>> change,
>> based on the ant generator plugin, to bring some automation to the process
>> of building the ant files for the samples and demos. For any sample or
>> demo
>> that requires explicit dependencies, e.g. the webapp samples, I've
>> replaced
>> the static ant file with and automatically generated one. In the case that
>> some hand crafted ant script is needed, for example, to generate SDOs,
>> then
>> I have the ant generator just build build-dependency.xml which has the
>> dependencies listed and which can then be included in the manually
>> generated
>> build.xml script.
>> I haven't applied this change to all of the samples but it could be done.
>> If
>> we did have all of the dependencies explicitly described for all of the
>> samples can we get rid of the "all" and "manifest" jars?
>> Simon
> I think its better if applications don't have to know or care about Tuscany
> internals, that includes knowing all the different Tuscany module names and
> all the dependencies they use. 

+1 - applications should ideally have ZERO dependence on Tuscany 
internals.  They should be deployed to an "SCA capable runtime" without 
having to know anything about that runtime.

> We haven't got this right yet so each time we
> release our sample Ant builds break as the build.xml files get out of date -
> this will be happening for any Ant builds our users have as well. The "all"
> jar is an attempt to fix this, its a better way IMHO than having
> applications specify every Tuscany module but theres a bit of work still to
> do to make it work better for webapps. We've also talked before about
> changing all the samples to be simple sca contributions that don't need any
> mention of the Tuscany internals, this is something I think we really need
> to do. Both of those things seem better to me than messing about trying to
> generate build scripts.

I agree with this sentiment.  We should be building:

a) runtimes of various kinds (SCA standalone, embedded within Tomcat, etc)

b) applications, containing only the code and other artifacts required 
for the application itself

and then have some regular means of deploying the applications to 
appropriate runtimes - some applications could be deployed to "almost 
any" SCA runtime while others need specific runtime capabilities such as 
a Web server and Servlet support.

>    ...ant

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