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From Ole Ersoy <ole.er...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Basic SDO question: no built-in types?
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 18:37:27 GMT
Hope it's ok that I piggy back with a somewhat related question.

Does SDO a container for Type instances (the equivalent to an EMF EPackage)?

In the EMF API I would do something like

DataType dataType = EcoreFactory.eINSTANCE.createDataType();
//Initialize the dataType
//Add it to an ePackage containing all the model's Types

- Ole

Scott Kurz wrote:
> Thanks Fuhwei, Frank that helps me under the SDO view of the built-in 
> types.
> I wonder how useful it would be to allow WSDL2Java to generate a Type, 
> then,
> instead of an int or String, when the "-dynamicSDO" option is chosen.
> There would need to be some runtime databinding-sdo support for this option
> too, I'd think.
> Interesting but I'm probably going to drop this train of thought for now...
> Scott
> On 4/9/07, Fuhwei Lwo <fuhwei@bricemedia.com> wrote:
>> Scott,
>> SDO built-in types were defined in the sdoModel.xsd under
>> tuscany/java/spec/sdo-api/src/main/resources/xml directory. The 
>> mapping from
>> XSD to Java is described in the spec section 9.4.
>> The instances of SDO built-in types will be instances of 
>> commonj.sdo.Type.
>> So if you have a SDO type for xsd:int, the name of the 
>> commonj.sdo.Typeinstance will be "Int".
>> Hope this helps.
>> Scott Kurz <scottkurz@gmail.com> wrote: This is maybe an SDO for dummies
>> question.
>> Are there any built-in SDO types, say, corresponding to  int which I can
>> work with as a generic DataObject in the manner that java.lang.Integer is
>> a
>> java.lang.Object
>> corresponding to int?  (I'm not seeing anything from a quick scan of the
>> source or spec to suggest that there is.)
>> Or is the simplest DataObject one can create a user-defined, complexType
>> wrappering a single int?
>> Thanks,
>> Scott

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