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From Jean-Sebastien Delfino <jsdelf...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Contribution services and SCDL4J
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 19:30:27 GMT
Luciano Resende wrote:
> I have committed some new contribution services interfaces under 
> revision #
> 525071 that would better align the contribution service module with the
> SCDL4J proposals. Note that some of these interfaces, that would be 
> used for
> artifact resolving, will need to be implemented by the Assembly model
> classes.
> Please take a look at these interfaces and let me know what you guys 
> think,
> I plan to polish them little bit more tomorrow, and then start 
> integrating
> it with the other modules and the embedded runtime.
> Thoughts ?

Thanks. I'll try to implement  the ArtifactProcessors and ModelResolvers 
for SCA XML assembly files in the modules/assembly module.

I am assuming that the ArtifactProcessor.read() method will contain the 
logic currently in the loaders, then I'll move the logic from 
CompositeUtil to the ArtifactProcessor.resolve() and 
ArtifactProcessor.normalize() methods. I added a little earlier today 
that normalize method to your ArtifactProcessor interface, to cover the 
3rd of the 3 phases I was describing in [1].

[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/tuscany-dev@ws.apache.org/msg16229.html

Here's an outline of how I'm planning to implement the ArtifactProcessor 
- read will read the model in memory, from a StAX XMLStreamReader
- resolve will resolve pointers to other models, calling back to the 
Contribution to find the referenced artifacts
- normalize will apply policies at the various levels, propagage and 
merge component/service/reference configuration declarations from the 
bottom (componentType/constrainingType) to the top (composite/component) 
of the hierarchy. I'll probably just do the strict minimum here for now 
just to get going.

Does that makes sense?

Now some questions:
- The assembly module deals with 3 types of files, .componentType, 
.constrainingType, .composite. Does that mean I have to implement 3 
- If the answer is yes, how do I associate a particular 
ArtifactProcessor with a file type?


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