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From Kevin Williams <kevin...@qwest.net>
Subject Re: [DAS Java] created SDO graph doubt
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 18:41:20 GMT
The RDB DAS will only populate a graph with data returned from the used 
query.  If you want a graph that contains data from related tables then 
the query provided must return that data (typically a join).  The 
relationship tests in the test suite demonstrate this.

Adriano Crestani wrote:

> Let me try to explain my doubt:
> Lets suppose I create a select command and execute it. The returned
> ResultSet has an attribute that belongs to the table X and is a FK to the
> table Y, but no Y attribute is contained in the ResultSet. The 
> question is:
> does the das create, and also populate, the SDO graph only with the 
> metadata
> and data contained in the ResultSet or the das also adds to the SDO graph
> the referenced Y table and its attributes and keep doing it till there 
> is no
> more referenced table?
> I expect to be clear enough ; )
> Adriano Crestani

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