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From Jean-Sebastien Delfino <jsdelf...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Do we need Ant builds for our samples? was: SCA source tree and build structure
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2007 18:20:25 GMT
Simon Nash wrote:
> I'll jump in here, as I was the one pushing this proposal for M2.
> I think it's useful to have some samples building using Ant to show
> how someone who isn't a maven user can build Tuscany applications
> (rather than Tuscany itself). In this sense, the Ant scripts serve
> as a template for people to create their own build scripts using their
> build tool or IDE of choice.
> When I started to do this for M2, I very soon got beyond the Ant/maven
> differences and ran into issues of how the distribution was packaged
> and how extensions and dependencies were located or downloaded. It is
> not a lot of work to maintain a few Ant scripts for selected samples
> in parallel to maven poms. It is much more work to address the other
> environmental issues that are tied to an assumption that maven will be
> the sole build tool for Tuscany applications and the sole repository
> for Tuscany distributions and dependent artifacts.
> I'm still interested in making progress in this area. For now I agree
> that we should get everything building smoothly with maven. When we
> have achieved that, I think it would make sense to take a step back and
> think about how a user could build and run Tuscany applications without
> using maven or depending on artifacts held in maven repositories.
> Simon
> Luciano Resende wrote:
>> I'd prefer to focus on getting our maven build working smoothness first.
>> On 4/3/07, Bert Lamb <alamb@pobox.com> wrote:
>>> My gut tells me there has to be a way to make our maven build easier
>>> than it is right now, and I think we are on track to do that. So if
>>> we can make the maven build simple enough to run then that should be
>>> good enough, no?
>>> If, however, we can't get to the point where you can just run "mvn
>>> install" to build a sample, then I think we could investigate simpler
>>> ant scripts.
>>> -Bert
>>> On 4/3/07, Jean-Sebastien Delfino <jsdelfino@apache.org> wrote:
>>> > [snip]
>>> > Bert Lamb wrote:
>>> > > I agree with almost all of this
>>> >
>>> > Great :)
>>> >
>>> > > except the part about having ant and
>>> > > maven builds, this sounds like the beginning of a dual 
>>> maintenance rat
>>> > > hole that I doubt we want to go down.
>>> >
>>> > Here is why I was proposing an Ant build for the samples:
>>> > - We had this in M1, our samples were initially only built with Maven
>>> > but then we thought that it would simpler for our users to be able to
>>> > build the samples with just Ant. IIRC our M1 release included Ant
>>> > scripts for the samples.
>>> > - We wanted to have Ant scripts in M2 (see [1] and [2]) but they
>>> > eventually didn't make it to the actual release distribution.
>>> >
>>> > The idea is to help Ant users build our samples. Also, I'd like to 
>>> make
>>> > sure that our runtime story is not too tied to Maven and that it's
>>> > actually convenient to build SCA/Tuscany applications with something
>>> > else than Maven. On the other hand we need to show how to build some
>>> > samples with Maven as well. Other projects like Axis2 for example 
>>> have
>>> > adopted a similar approach. They build their runtime with Maven, and
>>> > their samples with Ant.
>>> >
>>> > On the other hand, I agree with you about the dual maintenance rat
>>> > hole... I don't want dual maintenance either. To avoid dual 
>>> maintenance
>>> > maybe we could have the pom.xml just call the ant script? or have 
>>> some
>>> > samples built with Ant, some with Maven? or... I'm also happy to not
>>> > worry about building samples with Ant for now if people think that 
>>> it's
>>> > not useful, I don't particularly like writing build scripts :)
>>> >
>>> > What do people think?
>>> >
>>> > [1]
>>> >
>>> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/ws-tuscany-dev/200611.mbox/%3C455BA409.2090804@hursley.ibm.com%3E

>>> > [2] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TUSCANY-906
>>> >
>>> > --
>>> > Jean-Sebastien
>>> >

Ok, I'm not going to worry about Ant build scripts for now then and will 
start with just Maven. We can re-evaluate having Ant build scripts or 
not for the samples later after we have a smooth Maven build in place.


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