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From "Raymond Feng" <enjoyj...@gmail.com>
Subject SCA Java C&I spec questions
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 04:47:06 GMT

I have a few questions about the latest SCA Java C&I spec. For those who 
involve in the spec discussions, I would appreciate if you can clarify.

1) For annotations such as @Property, @Reference and @Service, should we 
annotate them with @Inherited so that these annotations can be inherited by 

2) For @Property, is it desirable to define the XSD "type" or "element" as 
defined in the assembly spec?

3) To derive the service name from a java interface, should the 
fully-qualied class name be used to avoid conflicts (such as a.Service and 
b.Service) or we should add an optional name attribute to @Service to 
customize the service name if necessary?

4) What kind of java interfaces are qualified to be remotable? Are the 
parameter/return type required to be Serializable or?

5) The spec says WSDL2Java follows the JAX-WS spec. Should we then honor the 
JAX-WS annotations in the generated interfaces?


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