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From Frank Budinsky <fra...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Tomcat integration
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 13:15:41 GMT
Jeremy Boynes <jboynes@apache.org> wrote on 03/01/2006 12:04:37 AM:

> Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> > It's not working yet - I can do that once things are.
> I took another go at this using a different technique (subclassing Host
> to add SCA runtime management). I am running into a problem loading the
> SCDL from a web application as it is being deployed.
> Everything works in IDEA but when I run in Maven2 the load of the SCDL
> returns an ANY type and I get a ClassCastException when the loader
> attempts to cast it to a Module. I would guess that the SDO
> implementation is not finding the schema definitions when loading the
> resource.
> I added an additional ResourceLoader to AssemblyModelContext so that it
> contains both the system classloader (which loaded the tomcat code) and
> the application classloader (which is loading the webapp).
> I'm going to check this in with a testcase that uses the StandardHost so
> that the build works whilst people are looking at it; to reproduce,
> uncomment TomcatIntegrationTestCase line 77 and run from mvn rather than
> an IDE.
> Any ideas what is happening in the loader would be appreciated.

You're right about the problem. If the SDO loader can't find/load the 
metadata it will 
dynamically load it as an ANY type instance. Since it's a generated model, 
the metadata 
is supposed to be getting registered by a call to 


> --
> Jeremy
> Battery: org.apache.tuscany.tomcat.integration.TomcatIntegrationTestCase
> testRuntimeIntegration(org.apache.tuscany.tomcat.integration.
> TomcatIntegrationTestCase)

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