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From Jean-Sebastien Delfino <jsdelf...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Documentation
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 01:10:23 GMT
Kevin Williams wrote:
> I'll be updating the DAS sample readme (java/samples/das) this 
> evening.  The DAS white paper needs more detail but it is still 
> accurate.  I'll be beefing it up soon.
> Jean-Sebastien Delfino wrote:
>> With all the recent changes that went into our code base the last few 
>> weeks, some of our documentation is getting a little out of date / 
>> not in sync anymore with the code. I started to look at the readmes 
>> of the samples and I'm going to adjust them.
>> In addition, I think we need some more documentation of some of the 
>> key aspects of Tuscany, to help people get involved, extend or use 
>> the Tuscany runtime. We could use our Wiki for that, here's a first 
>> pass at what I think we need:
>> Documentation for Tuscan developers:
>> - describe how to get the code and build Tuscany, update our 
>> Building.txt (and I suggest we also put in on the Wiki, it's only in 
>> SVN now)
>> - add a section on how to generate IDE specific files with Maven 
>> (let's start with Eclipse and IDEA)
>> - Jim, you have some docs describing some of the internals of the 
>> runtime, do they need to be updated after the recent code changes?
>> - our coding guidelines, we had a doc describing them in the sandbox 
>> at some point
>> For people who want to extend or integrate Tuscany:
>> - finalize our Tomcat integration doc (already on the Wiki thanks to 
>> Jeremy)
>> - an overview of how to bootstrap the Tuscany runtime
>> - how to add a new component type to Tuscany
>> - how to add a new binding
>> For people who want to use Tuscany, run our samples, develop SCA apps 
>> with Tuscany
>> - A high level list of what works and what doesn't work (just a high 
>> level list, the details are/should be in JIRA)
>> - how to package Tuscany for running on Tomcat
>> - how to package Tuscany for running in a J2SE environment
>> - how to package Axis to support Web Service external services and 
>> entry points (in a Tomcat environment)
>> - how to run the samples (I'm starting to update that part)
>> This is just a first list. Could people in the group add anything I 
>> may have missed? and also volunteer to help write these docs? Also, 
>> I'm only covering the SCA Java implementation here, what kind of docs 
>> do we want to add for SDO and DAS?
Just thought about more docs that I think will be useful:
- how to use the SDO tools and codegen plugin
- how to use the WSDL2Java tools and codegen plugin (I'll take care of 
this one).


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