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From Jean-Sebastien Delfino <jsdelf...@apache.org>
Subject Roadmap for the next few weeks
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 20:51:33 GMT
I started to put together a list of items that I think we should support 
in our first SCA/Java Milestone. The idea is to establish reasonable 
goals in terms of function and timeframe. I also think that this will 
help people find areas where they can contribute, since this is pretty 
Core Module assembly model
- align implementation with a subset of SCA 0.9 (the implementation 
diverges from SCA 0.9 in some areas today)
- support for module and fragment SCDL
- support for componentType
- no multiplicity
- simple properties only, no complex properties
- support for both Java and WSDL interfaces
Subsystem assembly model
- support for subsystem SCDL
- ModuleComponents only no externalService and entryPoint at the 
subsystem level
- Support for wiring/specifying endpoints on externalServices
- Support for overriding properties of moduleComponents
- On Tomcat, subsystem maps to a Tomcat instance, moduleComponent maps 
to a Web app
- In J2SE, you can run a single moduleComponent
Client and implementation model
- align implementation with a subset of SCA 0.9
- support for SDO2 as well as regular Java objects 
- basic scope management (request, session, module)
- no metadata API
- no request context
- no session id
- no service references
- no conversational, no callbacks
Development Tools
- WSDL2Java and Java2WSDL generators
- XSD2SDO and Java2SDO generators
- both in the form of API and maven plugins
- Web Service binding using AXIS 2 (SOAP/HTTP, doc literal only, support 
for streaming)
- Pluggable data-binding (start with regular Java objects and SDO)
- I think that we can live with just a WS binding for now and look at 
the default SCA binding later (maybe it'll just be a variation of the WS 
binding with some defaults anyway).
- Support contribution of a new binding (I'm thinking about a sample 
HTTP binding to illustrate that)
- Support contribution of a new component type (Ant's sample Javascript 
component type)
- just doc or basic tools (maven plugin?) to install/uninstall a 
subsystem and module component
- just doc or basic tools to start/stop a subsystem and module component
- wiring, configuration of module component properties require editing 
SCDL file and bouncing the subsystem
- Simple monitoring/logging
Target environments
- JDK 5.0
- Tomcat
- J2SE
I think we need samples for most of the items in this list to illustrate 
how various user roles will use Tuscany (app. developer, assembler, 
deployer-admin, system-developer who wants to extend or integrate with 
Tuscany) and help drive all this work from concrete scenarios.

Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.


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