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From Siegfried Goeschl <siegfried.goes...@it20one.at>
Subject Re: what is current status and likely future of turbine ?
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 09:21:42 GMT
HI Thomas,

in Fulcrum we have JSR-223 support ... 

I use it combined with JavaScript for production


Siegfried Goeschl

Thomas Vandahl wrote:
> Scott Eade wrote:
>> We hope to release 2.3.3 real soon now.  The blocker is that we want 
>> to use Torque 3.3 and we want to wait another week before voting on 
>> that so that people will have had a chance to provide feedback on 
>> it's RC-3 release.  I don't believe we have any plans for a 2.3.3 RC 
>> release - straight to final would be my suggestion.
> Yep that would have been my suggestion as well.
>>> 3. Is there any active work on the turbine code base ?
>> As time permits we (and this includes Siegfried and others) are 
>> working on tidying up the trunk in order to get to a 2.4 release, but 
>> progress is indeed very slow.
> I made a couple of cleanup back-and-forth-ports between the 2.3-branch 
> and the Fulcrum components during the last year and will strive to 
> release some Fulcrum services one-by-one (and kill others).
>>> 4. If there is no work, is that because it all just works or because 
>>> everybody has abandoned turbine in favor of something else ?
>> It is probably fair to say that many have moved to other frameworks 
>> that are more in vogue, however there are plenty of people that have 
>> existing applications that need to be maintained into the future so 
>> support for and slow forward progress of turbine should still occur.  
>> Your point about stability may also be true to a certain extent.
> I strongly believe that Turbine is well-suited for a fair number of 
> web applications. Applications are easy to write and easy to maintain. 
> Extensions to the framework can be easily integrated. The different 
> service backends open the doors to a lot of ready-made components. And 
> Turbine 2.3.2 is (almost) rock-solid.
> On my list of wishes for Turbine are better I18N-support, a bit more 
> flexibility with screen elements and a generic JSR-223-support in the 
> backend (I hate^Wneed PHP). All these will come up if time permits.
>> Another option to consider is diving in and helping with turbine.  It 
>> sounds like you have a long term interest in the continued support of 
>> turbine so why not invest a little time in keeping it moving 
>> forward.  After a couple of decent patches we are usually fairly 
>> happy to vote on commit access.
> I would like to second that. If you have anything you want to 
> contribute, please do.
> Bye, Thomas.
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